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Catering – Cupcakes

This Box comprises of an assortment of our best cupcake flavours. This box can be Vegan and/or Gluten Free.  

Catering – Sliders

Box of 15 sliders make a great party box. Choose from up to 3 flavours to build your box. Flavours:

Catering – Brownie Box

A box of 12 slices of our home made brownie. *please note these contain gluten and are not vegan.  

Catering – Pastry Box

A box of 12 freshly baked mini pastries The box comprises 6 varieties *please note these muffins contain gluten and

Catering – Muffin Box

A box of 12 freshly home baked muffins, The box comprises of 3 flavours: Banana and Honey Mixed Berry Apple

Catering – Banana Bread

A box of 12 half slices of Spelt and Honey Banana Bread. This box comes with 12 individual serves of